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Monsters Of The Mallee Volume 3

Monsters Of The Mallee Volume 3

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At the end of the 1800s, the vast lands of the Mallee became an economic attraction after it was considered an ideal area for farming cereal crops. In a time of next to zero materialism, technology, or transport, support between members within the community was essential, and love and endearment were the keys to survival. But you will now realise that this was not always the case, with violence holding a place in the Mallee like never before. Family massacres, poisonings, police killers, bushrangers, serial killers, and even Australia's longest missing person mystery have found themselves, throughout history, intertwined within the lands we know for 'growth'.

So once again, join me as I explore the darker side of the Mallee's history at a time most of us can only begin to imagine. 

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